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Troubleshooting tips for iScreensaver: For authors using iScreensaver Designer, and for end users using screensavers created with the software.

Troubleshooting iScreensaver Designer

For iScreensaver Authors

This section is for authors who are using the iScreensaver Designer software to make screensavers. If you are seeking help with using screensavers created with iScreensaver, see below.

iScreensaver Designer is a professional multimedia editor application. As such it can require and use large quantities of RAM, CPU, and Hard Disk. For best results, we recommend macOS 10.14 or Windows 10 with a computer built in the last two years.

Install / Uninstall problems

Trouble installing iScreensaver Designer is often caused by Anti-Virus software, or by the computer not meeting the minimum requirements:

Validation Problems

If you have purchased a License code, but can't get it to validate:

General Performance Tips


Image Transition Effects

Reducing Movie Sizes

Background Audio

Audio is fun, but remember that a screensaver is a special setting: the computer's user is not present, and the screen may be password protected. If you include audio you run the risk of driving your users and coworkers bonkers. Here are some tips:

Troubleshooting Screensavers

For Screensaver Users

This section is for users seeking help with a screensaver created with iScreensaver Designer. If you are a screensaver author, please see above.

Install / Uninstall problems

Trouble installing Screensavers are often caused by Anti-Virus software, Gatekeeper and Authenticode security, or by the computer not meeting the minimum requirements.

There are some specific technical rule changes from Microsoft in supporting modern CPUs that have affected how all screensaver installers unzip.

Trouble with un-installing is usually caused by installing multiple copies of the same screensaver in different location(s) : try a manual uninstall.

Slow Performance

First, remember that a screensaver is not meant to be a high-performance media playback environment. While the screensaver is running, your computer may be working on background processes, such as antivirus scans, disk cleanup, etc. All of these can impact performance of the screensaver. Also, screensavers that do use a lot of system resources (CPU, Hard Disk, RAM) can be energy wasters. See Green Screens for tips on saving energy.

There are other things that can negatively impact performance. Here are some to consider:

General Performance Tips

Image Transition Effects

Miscellaneous Screensaver issues on Windows 7

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